Twitter Reacts to Justin Bieber's Grammy Snub

  • Twitter Reacts to Justin Bieber's Grammy Snub
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  • Joana Matos
    Joana Matos

    LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BELIEVERS... even though that women is not as famous as that kid, she is famous enough to see her talent recognized... you need to understand something poor people, the grammys is not a popularity contest, it's a TALENT contest, and that kid is verything but talented so STFU I'm gald he lost and she won...

  • Terry

    What no Grammy to the Beiber? the one hit wonder who sings bubble gum synthetic music? Does he even shave yet? Get over it. He is only around until the next one hit wonder with bangs pops up...just ask the Jonas Bros...who you ask?

  • NName

    Haha agreed. And I agree with the win for her-she plays multiple instruments and sings well. Beiber bangs on the drums a little and belts out his pre-pubescent, done before voice. Just wait til it drops and we won't have this issue.

  • sin

    They did listen. Thats why he did not win.