Tyra Banks Bikinis in Mexico

  • Tyra Banks Bikinis in Mexico
Former model and 'America's Next Top Model' judge Tyra Banks flaunts her bikini body in Mexico with boyfriend John Utendahl. July 2, 2011.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • leeann il gi
    leeann il gi

    tht is tyra but the photos are touched tyra isnt fat

  • 13yearoldgrlsrfingthenet

    why are you getting into such a fuss about it, just drop it! I think it's tyra, Don Hendrick is in doubt, and missmodel thinks Don is stupid so let's just leave it at that. >=(

  • missmodel

    it never said it she was at the beach or outside!?!?!? and are you realy suggesting that she or 'they' paid for someone else, the same colour and physique as Tyra, wearing the same thing as Tyra, to pose with a sunhat pretending to be Tyra?????

  • Don Hendrick
    Don Hendrick

    The sun hat this gal is wearing is hiding the face of whoever she is and how can you tell if its really Tyra???

  • Don Hendrick
    Don Hendrick

    Most of these photos was not taken outdoors as they were taken inside in a suana room & not at the beech.

  • Don Hendrick
    Don Hendrick

    One thing about some of these photos with her wearing her sun hat is how do we know it is her??????