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3. Emma Watson. The 'Harry Potter' starlet is worth roughly $32,000,000.
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  • chantal

    cuz for the new movie i think!

  • Abbey

    When watching the Harry Potter films from the first one when she was still a young girl, I always knew she would grow up to be very beutiful! I love her hair this way, makes her look more mature. :))

  • kelby

    wow. i don't know what you are seeing but to judge someone on their arms? you're pathetic. She's a beautiful girl and to say that it kinda pathetic. just saying.

  • Bill

    She still is, Hair does grow back. I do agree with LadyTigereyes... She had those long pretty locks through out all of her "Harry Potter" career that It's just time for something different! A change.

  • LadyTigereyes

    Because she was sick of people seeing that one side of her. She is obviously an elegant, independent woman.

  • anonymous

    she looks like a boy!!! her arms are so big haha

  • curlyluver24

    why did she cut her hair she used to be so beutiful