VMAs Best Dressed

  • VMAs Best Dressed
BEST! Aside from his awkward interview with girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber played up his youthfulness with bold prints and a bold statement color paired with a sleek black blazer. Not sure what to think about his live accessory.
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  • dreyann

    i love his leapord shoes and the he looks hot in thim and the snake as an acsecrior

  • courtneybaaaby

    oi idiot i never said i loved miley, i said she should be in best cause her dress was amazing, you guys need to calm down, so what i dont like justin beiber, get over it.

  • Wing Bububiba
    Wing Bububiba

    shut your damn mouth!!!!!!

  • Wing Bububiba
    Wing Bububiba

    Are you serious????? You love Miley, then you said she should be in the BEST list.. You hate Justin, you just said he is a WORST PERSON.. You don't really know Justin... Let me tell you, I hate Miley.. And I will be a BELIEBER forever <3

  • brooke

    Justin look hot but as much as i love him he needs to lose the snake and the leopard shoes

  • ohheygorgous

    oh & btw those shoes go GREAT with his pants, come on now it's like wearing a sexy red dress w. leapord print heels. It's hot. He worked it with pants & sneakers :)

  • ohheygorgous

    It's great for a guy his age, he works it & he works it hard ;)

  • Nora

    So hot! just loose the glasses and maybe the unnecessary "ladygaga wanna be" snake

  • soooo

    he looks great,but the shoes are terrbile!!

  • Natalia

    i like his clothes but i hate the shoes and the glasses!!

  • Angela Little Miller
    Angela Little Miller

    He looks so geeky, lol! Fail!

  • Brit

    Hot. enough said

  • Paula

    omg i love his shoes :D haha im obsessed w leopard print! he looks great :) xoxo

  • Sanjna Jain
    Sanjna Jain

    WOW.... those glasses look awful with the whole outfit /: but if he didnt wear the glasses it'd be really coool (:

  • Sin

    The little homo brought bis butt toy, I mean, his pet snake.

  • courtneybaaaby

    this should be worst person, worst dressed.

  • PJ

    i love him but best? really i agree with ^^^^

  • Alexandraaa

    best dressed? really? I have nothing against him but what he wore was horrible. Those glasses are tacky and so are his shoes.

  • habi

    i love you justin bieber