VMAs Worst Dressed

  • VMAs Worst Dressed
WORST- I think Britney Spears was understated and she didn't look trashy in the least, but she's on the list because of her ill fitting shorts. She's always rocked the super-tight fitted minidresses, but perhaps she's finally toned things down.
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  • sweetmelody

    She looked so fresh and so pretty.

  • brooke

    Britney looks gorgeous I dont see why she is on the worsted dress list

  • xtina

    I dunno why you're all saying she looks horrible. it's a safe choice and she looks stunning. Her hair looks amazing compared to 2-3 years ago and the outfit suits her. Generally she is very muscular so what she chose compliments her figure. Stop hating. Get a life!

  • n

    its not a worst neither best ... however celebuzz need glasses

  • Natasa

    You are wrong on this one! Very wrong.

  • kewlgirl

    nope u is the 1 who needs the glasses she looks a hot mess

  • M Sanchez
    M Sanchez

    Worst dressed? are you serious?! she looks AMAZING! Buy yourself a pair of glasses.

  • love her
    love her

    She looks great, wish people would stop hating on her and give her a break!! She's really turned herself around so people need to forget the past!!

  • Angela Little Miller
    Angela Little Miller

    She always looks horrible. Why is her hair brassy? You have millions of dollars! She looks cracked out just like Lindsay. They both need to grow up!

  • Boneca Marquesa
    Boneca Marquesa

    For god sakes! Do you call your self what a fashionista? You probably wear shit all over your vagina to hide the smell of it bitch

  • staystrong

    i dont care about what she wears anymore its so normal

  • Alexandraaa

    I think she looked great. I don't really like the shoes, but I'll let it slide because I like her