Wacky Royal Wedding Gear: Comic Book

  • Wacky Royal Wedding Gear: Comic Book
The romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton has been turned into a new comic book. The graphic novel, 'Kate and William: A Very Public Love Story', was written by novelist Rich Johnston. The first half is told from her perspective, and features artwork by Welsh artist Mike Collins. The second half is told from William's perspective, and is drawn by Scottish artist Gary Erskine. UK-based publisher Markosia says it is a "dramatic biography" that "come[s] together in the middle, a fictional look at the wedding day itself, with a kiss. How could it end any other way?" It will go on sale on April 2, ahead of the Royal Wedding on April 29. US publisher Bluewater Productions is also set to publish a graphic novel about the wedding.
Source: Splash News Online
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