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  • awesome

    What is Taylor Momsen Wearing? Apparently nothing.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    omg she is 15 or 16 and she is dressing up like total prostitute and you still love her. But Miley wears swimsuit and everybody says she is whore ... this is messed up ... this girl needs to dress up in something normal ....

  • enigma

    although i have to say she can run around in those clothes since she's being accompanied by a huge bodyguard

  • Lindsey

    That's definitely a WTF moment, I still think she looks pretty and she does have great style, not so keen on this but I don't think she looks like a whore. It's just definitely not something I'd wear, but she can wear whatever she wants, she shouldn't have to not wear something just because people don't like it.


    She doesn't even look like a whore; shes one of the prettiest girls i've personally ever seen. and her personal style is absolutely stunning :) xo.

  • MoonlightDeceptions

    i personally love her style some of it is stupid but it makes a statement lol she looks like a whore, but a beautifull one ;p