When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Ladies

  • When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Ladies
Selena Gomes'z wears a large and curly 'do while out in London.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Jen

    I think you might be overreacting. But good white trash rant. Made you sound really classy and smart.

  • Summer

    Get off Justin Bieber's dick you hatin ass bitches. You talk shit about her but he chose her you dumbasses!!!!

  • nikki

    she the biggest slut going saying justin bieber was like a brother to her, pfff who fucks thier brother the ugly fat ass bitch

  • Nora

    Her head is always too big for her body, despite the hair-do

  • Nano

    Ew. It makes her head look huge. Seriously. In the first pic, her head dwarfs her body.

  • markella

    eeewwww!!!!!!!! ugly thing!!!