When Celebs Lost Their Virginity

  • When Celebs Lost Their Virginity
Britney Spears: 14. While many people think Britney lost her virginity to Justin Timberlake, Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, revealed in a memoir that Brit lost her virginity to a football player at her high school.
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  • keyabylakatu

    ur # one britney baby luv!!

  • Michael Mouton
    Michael Mouton

    She lied!

  • Jason

    That was proven to be a rumor!! I have read Lynne Spears book and no where in there does she talk about her daughters sex life! Know your facts before you post bullsh*t! Take this down.

  • mmhmm

    Why would she do that to her daughter? She had NO PLACE to tell everyone that :/ Anything to sell books rights?

  • LovingLife

    ew! why are they braging about it like its a GOOD thing?! The people that are running this website put it on here. Not them. And Britney's mom is the one that told people, not Britney. So, where is this bragging at? And just because her mom said she lost it Britney could have been in love. They don't have to put in every little detail. And so what if they did. It happens. Not everyone waits for marriage.

  • dafish11

    ew! why are they braging about it like its a GOOD thing?!

  • gaga7856

    Wow, Britney and Khloe couldn't be any bigger sluts!!!!!!!