When Celebs Lost Their Virginity

  • When Celebs Lost Their Virginity
Lisa Kudrow: 32. The 'Friends' star held out on losing her virginity until she married in 1995.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Brianna Jonel Hobson
    Brianna Jonel Hobson

    That's sooo refreshing :) and that encourages me because i'm 16 and still a virgin and feel very pressured to do the deed already but I feel better now!

  • justanote4u

    Lisa Kudrow - 32????? - that's pretty hard to believe. If it's true - good for her! But sounds highly unlikely, especially in Hollywood!

  • Rah

    Finally! Someone who hasn't gone completely insane

  • Gracie

    That's so sweet!

  • Alex Ander
    Alex Ander

    oh c'mon! she still must have used some other holes otherwise getting to 32 a virgin would meant you'd rather go on living in monastery, a celibate monk/ nun

  • Michael Mouton
    Michael Mouton

    Boring. She dated Conan O'Brien and didn't put out, not cool.

  • Ali Marie Struck
    Ali Marie Struck

    I love this. She is really someone to look up to. It's funny to think she played a somewhat loose woman on Friends lol.

  • Ash

    Very good for her. When I read about Matthew Fox loosing it at 12, I just felt disgusted. I'm no conservatist, but when I read things like these it really melts my heart to think that some people still have good values like that

  • kel

    Cute =)

  • Sara

    Well good for her I agree

  • Brittney

    Well good for her