Charlie Bucket - The golden child

  • Charlie Bucket - The golden child
Charlie Bucket - The golden child! Charlie became head of Chocolate Factory after winning Willy Wonka's wacky contest, but what ever happened to the real Charlie... Peter Ostrum?
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  • marion stallman
    marion stallman

    ii love this movie. in fact i"m watching it right now.

  • Dolly Price
    Dolly Price

    how can I get the music...the song that starts with,,"come with me etc. pure imagination etc.

  • faye

    i loved this fim sooo much growing up but now i have a young child of my own i get to watch it again like 3 times a day lol she is obsesed with it.

  • Oblaadee

    I just LOVED him in that movie, I googled him a few months ago. He became a veterinarian and lives on the east coast, was that latest update. He did not want to pursue an acting career. Miss him, kudos to him for getting his education and not becoming a "grown up celeb in rehab".

  • missthing06

    he was a good little fella in that movie. I like him