Celebrity Feuds Over the Years

  • Celebrity Feuds Over the Years
Fans can follow this feud lyric by lyric in song! In 2002, Eminem claimed to have engaged in a physical relationship with Mariah Carey. Mariah has always denied any claims about having a relationship on any level, let alone a sexual one. She even goes as far as saying that the rap artist is “Obsessed” with her. Over the next five years, the two artists released songs and music videos that attempt to portray each other in poor taste. This musical feud ended in 2009 when Eminem released a track entitled “The Warning” in which he claims to have saved phone messages from Mariah. Both parties have kept quiet since then.
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  • Clarissa

    He must have been desparate, he has a gorgeous ex-wife,what would he want that hippo?

  • Truth is a lie
    Truth is a lie

    @ Truth -- Did you take your meds today? And I bet you're either, fat, ugly, single, lonely, anti social or just a plain loser. And you find comfort in trolling the internet and bashing people in every article. Three words of wisdom - Get A Life.

  • courtneybaaaby

    love you eminem <3

  • Truth

    If she did, what a pathetic and desperate skank she was. Must have been during her fatter periods when she felt unattractive, because there is nothing even remotely appealing or sexy about Eminem's overrated ass. He looks like some skinhead or klansman!!!

  • simplydiffer

    This trick know she dipped her hand in the M&M (see what i did there?) jar. Mhm.

  • brikate13

    Eminem all the way!