Celebrity Feuds Over the Years

  • Celebrity Feuds Over the Years
This feud is often argued as one of the most prominent conflicts in entertainment history. The early 90’s hip-hop scene enjoyed a surge of success with LA’s own Tupac Shakur and New York’s Notorious B.I.G. Unfortunately this success came to a screeching halt after a 1994 shooting in which Tupac sustained 5 gun-shot wounds. Although Biggie denies any involvement in the shooting, Tupac blamed Biggie for ordering the hit and attacked Biggie through his music. This incident launched a musical war between east coast and west coast hip hop artists that resulted in the eventual murders of both Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. Their untimely deaths sparked a bitter rivalry between east coast and west coast rap that left a mark in pop culture history.
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  • Betty

    Does the average person know these 2...east versus west? What feud? LOL

  • simplydiffer

    I had no idea anyone still cared about that West Coast vs. East Coast crap anymore. You know why? Because they don't.