James Franco: Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?

  • James Franco: Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?
James Franco is a little on the older side (Franco is 34, Finnick is about 24) he certainly has the acting qualifications to play Finnick. Not only is Franco good at dramatic roles but he could certainly be good at playing the secretive part of the role.
Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?
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  • Mira

    Not James Franco! :O

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    too old sorry james. loved you in spiderman though.

  • Erin C.
    Erin C.

    Absolutely Not!!!

  • Courtney Ashford
  • Ildze

    Are u kiding? ;D Isn`t he too old for that roll?

  • spiniton85

    I don't think he's too old, but he's definitely not good looking enough.

  • Sara

    I love James Franco but REALLY? He does not in anyway translate to FInnick!

  • gomenesigh

    He already has wrinkles on his face. Definitely too old to play Finnick.

  • Syahidlove

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  • Sonam

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  • Debora

    Well that makes a heck of a lot more sense than recovering from amnsiea. I had initially figured that Meela was originally Yuen, but had suffered amnsiea and been adopted by Tannor. But there were some pretty heavy flaws in that to begin with Namely flashback-Meela being pretty clearly younger than Yuen.

  • Chandrima

    Well, that was a pleasant suisrrpe. :D *hugs Feral* I can't wait 'til next friday to see what happens next. I do read this comic about one every two months, but I woul never abandon it. Things are getting really interesting now.I'm not sure if anyone has asked it before nor whether you are free to answer that but how long will this webcomic go on? I mean are we still at the intro, in the middle of the plot or nearing to an end? :) Just asking out of curiosity.

  • shoebox24

    Maybe his brother....

  • shoebox24

    Finnick isn't supposed to be old. He is supposed to be young. age 24 isn't old. James is probably 33 by now.

  • Cassie Jewls
    Cassie Jewls

    hes a good actor, but hes not who i saw Finnick as

  • sdf

    finnick is supposed to be old

  • sdf


  • Alexander


  • judy

    ecks, that's role, not roll!

  • judy

    James Franco is wwaaaaayyy to old to play Finnick! Not right for the roll at all!