Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?

  • Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?
Armie Hammer has the Finnick look down, and is certainly a contender thanks to his wide acting range.
Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?
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  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    seriously? he looks a little older than that. preferably i would lyk Garrett Hedlund to play finnick but if he doesnt then this dude would b my second choice.

  • diana310

    You guys know he's only 25 right? That's only a year older then what Finnick is suppose to be. He's not old he's perfect for the role.

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    you no what with a little bit of hair dying and stuff im sure they could make him look so much younger then he would b a perfect finnick

  • Courtney Ashford
    Courtney Ashford

    Definitely not.

  • Sara

    He doesn't look like Finnick to me at all.

  • gomenesigh

    He looks too old to be Finnick.

  • Genesis Tirado
    Genesis Tirado

    In my opinion Armie Hammer would be the perfect Finnick Odair

  • JJ

    I think Armie Hammer could really pull off this role but i also think Grant Gustin and Benjamin Stone would be good too, it just depends on who can really pull all of the necessary qualities to Finnick.

  • Firannion

    How about Jamie Campbell Bower? He's drop-dead gorgeous, as Finnick is supposed to be, and exactly the right age. He'd just have to tone down the British accent.

  • nick

    okay when choosing actors to play characters from books you want them to have experience and the look and theres only three people i can see as Finnick. one being Armie ^, and the other two being Ryan Kwanten from tru blood, and Garret hedlund.

  • Angelique

    YESSSS. A thousand times, yes.

  • Melody Chien
    Melody Chien

    yes, probably.