Garrett Hedlund: Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?

  • Garrett Hedlund: Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?
Garrett Hedlund is certainly the most likely to play Finnick, since his name has been tossed around when it comes to official casting, but he could certainly play the brooding character with ease.
Who Should Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'?
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  • ashley


  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!YES YES YES. this picture doesnt exactly do him justice but i was looking at other pictures of him online, you know without the beard and some of him in tron legacy and he looks lyk he was made to be finnick. if he doesnt play the role then im gonna be very upset.

  • batriz

    Garrett. He got the talent to pull of the comedy and the tragedy on Finnick and he got the looks. And he also will look older than katniss, peeta and stuff, because finnick is 24, so i don't think its cool if they cast someone like Grant Gustin who would look younger than katniss . Jennifer is 21 and plays a 16 year-old, why cant he play a 24-year old being 27? And there's something else: she lives on district 4, wich is basically the beach, he can't have a flawless skin. GARRETT4FINNICK!

  • Lex

    Oh man if he gets it, I'll be over the moon! I'd still be happy if Grant Gustin or Armie Hammer got it though.

  • Erin C.
    Erin C.

    Possible... With blonder hair and no beard!!

  • Shelby Anne Sharp
    Shelby Anne Sharp

    I would love to see him as Finninck. He will make the perfect Finnick.

  • Courtney Ashford
    Courtney Ashford

    He'd make a pretty good choice.

  • spiniton85

    not in this picture, but I think this guy would be good.

  • Victoria

    Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Finnick. Even though he doesn't have Finnick's looks, he has the sarcasm that fits Finnick. He isn't too old because he fits Damon Salvatore and he is only 20.

  • Sara

    I agree 100%

  • gomenesigh

    He is not attractive enough to be Finnick :/ he also looks old.

  • julianna

    I like garret the best. I really can't see zac efron or anyone else. I just think that the part fits Garrett well

  • Sam

    Let's keep in mind that Finnick is described as "one of the youngest victors." While I love Garrett, he's too old for this role now. Like Cassie Jewls said, he would have been great three to four years ago. But Garrett isn't the TRON (2010) kid anymore. He's a man and no longer fits the profile for Finnick.

  • Emerald

    Garret definitely needs to play Finnick! Without the facial hair he's perfect for it! :D I <3 Garret!

  • shoebox24

    Man, Garrett would have been perfect for this role about 3- 4 years ago. Now? No way. If he does do it, I wouldn't mind though. Hunter is better.

  • Cassie Jewls
    Cassie Jewls

    ^^ also think an unknown actor would be great for Finnick, or even a not so well known actor.

  • hunger gamesfan101
    hunger gamesfan101

    stephen bradley jones should play finnick

  • Taylen

    true that

  • Taylen

    i think a unknown actor should play him,because other wise it will be the biggest drama ever,cuz well its FINNICK we are talkin bout so..yeah :)

  • Meghan

    he would be perfect as Finnick. I cant see the other choices that are shown here as Finnick...I really hope Garrett gets the role!

  • sdf

    yeah sure I'd like it

  • Alexander

    yeeeeeeessssss! well one of the tops but not the top one...

  • katherine

    I don't mean any offense to garrett, but I can't see him as Finnick at all.

  • Kylie Ledford
    Kylie Ledford

    YES but without the beard he is awesome!

  • Sophia

    garrett is perfect for finnick!