Carlos Pena Jr.

  • Carlos Pena Jr.
This 'Big Time Rush' star has the perfect look for Jose! Only problem...does he have the time?
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  • Elan

    Mat bomer mat bomer mat bomer mat bomer pleaseeeee

  • angie

    Matt Bomer for Mr Gray (perfect choice)

  • amanda

    i think lucy hale would make a great Anastasia, Ian Somerhalder christian grey, and Blake lively as Kate, Carlos Pena Jr. as Jose. when i read the books those are the character who i kept picturing in mind. if they cast rob and kristen stewart they will just ruin it!

  • listen to me
    listen to me

    Matt Bomer - Perfect Mr. Grey

  • Beryl Ebdon
    Beryl Ebdon

    I think that ..IAN SOMERHALDER ...would make a perfect Christian Grey ...his grey eyes ,,crooked smile ...beautiful face ......