Steven Tyler With a mouth

  • Steven Tyler  With a mouth
Steven Tyler. With a mouth like that, you just know the Aerosmith frontman has plenty to say.
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  • polly

    i got his name wrong its tyler but my words speak the same.

  • polly

    i will most definitely tell you if you put this creey looking perry guy on there ,i will never watch it. i cant even stand to look at this guy. why dont you just leave the judges alone. i know simon is quitting so you have to replace him, but gosh please not with this creepy looking thing. yuuuuuuuuuuuk hes uuuuuuuuugly.

  • !

    HELL NO!!!!!!

  • Mary

    Sasha - "more greater"? if you are going to speak, do it right. I agree, he has a face for radio... not tv


    He looks creepy. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! SO f*cking FUNNY!!!!!!

  • freshup16

    he would be perfect!

  • Sasha

    He looks creepy. I would have passed if you had insulted any other star here,but insulting someone who is more greater than all of those poppy stars together is just idiotic.

  • Sasha

    So many people and only one who actually deserves the place.Ether that or he's too good for American Idol.