Patricia Arquette goes swimming in a

  • Patricia Arquette goes swimming in a
Patricia Arquette goes swimming in a green sea of sparkle and shine. She's going for the titles of the new and improved Lady Liberty
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  • nobody's here
    nobody's here

    honestly, it looks like it's a vintage's very late 50's early 60's Hollywood glamour. she's just doin' her own thang, you know? she's cool like that, she's artistic and creative and has a personality and probably doesn't really care who the "hot" designers are or aren't and also probably doesn't want to drop $10,000 on some dress that she probably doesn't even like. she probably found this somewhere and it screamed "Golden Age of HOllywood Awards Show" like Marilyn MOnroe wearing it or something..... so, she wore it to her HOllywood awards show. i think the big problem is her HAIR... or lack of it. i think the dress could have been pulled off if her hair had been done in a fancy or retro kind updo or something, something maybe more like Drew Barrymore's hair or something... this looks like she just came from the gym and threw on a green sequin dress. Her face and earrings look fabulous tho, she is aging beautifully and completely gracefully....not like some of these other crazyies who freak out and try to erase every single wrinkle on their whole face and then end up looking like a loonatic. she looks gorgeaous, i just think the hair could have changed the whole entire outfit!!!

  • RED

    All true, and YET: she looks about a thousand times better than at the Golden Globes.

  • jenluvzrob

    looks like alizard

  • Brittany Breezyfbaby Page
    Brittany Breezyfbaby Page

    she looks like a sea witch

  • Jessica Weber
    Jessica Weber


  • Mafer

    WTF.? =S