Worst Dressed at 2012 MTV Movie Awards

  • Worst Dressed at 2012 MTV Movie Awards
Though she always looks awesome, Emma Watson's Brood dress and strappy Tabitha Simmons shoes didn't quite hit the mark.
Worst Dressed at 2012 MTV Movie Awards
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  • Samantha

    She should have been on the best dressed the dress was so cute I even remember commenting that I thought it was one of the better ones during the show. I think Elizabeth Banks should have been on the worst and Emma on the best...

  • Vanni

    According to whom? Whoever put this article knows nothing about fashion. This is Mtv Movie Awards, not an Oscar night.

  • joni

    So let me get this straight - Amber Rose, in a dress that suited neither her figure, nor her personality, makes Best Dressed, but Emma Watson, who looks fabulous, is a Worst Dressed? smh

  • A

    REALLY CELEBUZZ? REALLY? THAT DRESS IS AMAZING! Just stick to gossip and leave fashion to the experts. (Not saying i'm an expert) but seriously i thought she was best dressed of all. Okay. I'm gonna shut up now.

  • nmad

    Dress is awesome, and she looks amazing!

  • Carla

    The dress isn't 'common' but she looks absolutely stunning, this deserves a spot on the 'best dressed' list not on the worst dressed

  • maryamcullen

    Are you fucking kidding me or what?! Emma looks so beautiful and I love the whole chick rocker dress!!

  • Gerri Weinberger
    Gerri Weinberger

    she is best dressed come on. she looked flawlessssss

  • missaly

    I love her short hair! But this dress is kind of a mess.

  • mileyismylife

    I was shocked to see this on the worst dressed list, she looks incredible! not to mention that dress works absolute wonders on her. Emma is beautiful and worn one of the best outfits of the night so i believe you guys should change this and bump her up to best dressed :)

  • Koala

    you guys are a bunch of nerds, she looks great! There nothing wrong with her outfit...unlike Kristen whose hair looks like it had a fight with a hair dryer >_>

  • tiara

    i agree with lila..she looks really nice...i love the dress on her..

  • lila

    Really? She was one of the best dressed of he night