Worst Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards

  • Worst Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards
Amber Riley has knocked us dead in the past when she adds some color to her repertoire, but this big bowed black ensemble had us looking the other way.
Source: Getty Images
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  • luvlyhoneybabe

    yes I totally agree!

  • danielleakame

    yeah lose the bow and she would have looked great. she was trying to hide behind it. but it backfired

  • Marianne

    Amber usually dresses really great, but not only do I not like the bow, but I don't like her hair either.

  • Angela

    Take the bow off and this could be a fantastic look. I like that she was trying a lower hemline. But let's be honest, NO ONE's body is ever flattered by a bow that is consuming their chest.

  • Erika

    Oh no. This is just terrible. It makes her look so old.