Worst Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards

  • Worst Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards
Maya Rudolph is absolutely brilliant and hysterical in everything she does. Her red carpet prowess at the SAGs, however, isn't what we should be chuckling about.
Source: Getty Images
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  • danielleakame

    i think it makes her look bigger than she is...maybe should have been strapless? idk

  • cooperpooper

    i think its suits her figure.

  • Marianne

    This isn't bad. Far from being a favourite, but not one of the worst in my opinion.

  • Angela

    Agreed. It is quite matronly. Her chest looks amazing, but the dress is doing absolutely nothing for her.

  • Erika

    It does look a bit matronly and boring. She could do much better.