Worst Dressed at the Grammys: Miley Cyrus

  • Worst Dressed at the Grammys: Miley Cyrus
Fashion Expert Art Conn Says: MILEY: The "Salvia" must gone to my head but I think she looked like my 40 year old aunt in Boca. Too adult and too heavy. Lighten up Miley!!
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  • milxy

    it`s not worst dress she just has too much bracelets :))

  • mandy

    she is cute why is she on the worst dressed again?

  • sweetmelody

    She should be on the best dressed. She looked adult, beautiful and really cute. The dress is priceless and her hair looks perfect, Seriously, she's gorgeous here.

  • Mandy

    I think she looks amazing in this dress ! I agree with the fact that they can never give her a compliment .. its always something bad being said about her. she looks grown up in this && this is what I want my child looking up too. not the real super slutty outfits. && on that note .. people need to stop giving her sucha hard time on her more risky outfits ! She is a young woman who is showing off what she got just like the rest of us do ! everyone hates on her because shes pretty && looks good in it !

  • Scorp

    I think it's funny that when she dresses like a major slut everyone tells her to cover up and when she wears a full length evening gown they tell her to lighten up because it's too adult. I say it's about time she grew up a bit and stopped thinking that trashy equals sexy, I'm quite glad to see her in this dress.

  • hitNquit

    I'd still hit it

  • dafish11

    the only thing is that she changes her hair all the time. just u wait next time it will be different

  • Realist

    Dress too long. Miley too wide. She did not hang the moon. Ppl need to quit thinking she can do no wrong, because she can and has. Of course, she has no role model if u look at her mother and her behavior and lack of style and class.

  • Frenche

    she looks like ke$ha

  • Janey

    the dress is awesome. god...you suck mister "fashion critic"

  • Lucy

    exactly! they always say miley looks bad no matter what she wears whereas they'd always praise kristen stewart on what she wears even if its ugly, im not hating on kristen.. im just saying.

  • Hayley

    I think there just bashing her because they have nothing better to do than sit on the computer and bash others to feel better about themselves. I think Miley looks good, I just would have toned the eyeliner down a little.

  • Anne

    yes she did gain weight . but still not fat . and will lose it on tour . she should be on the best dressed list

  • Anne

    omg are you kidding me ??? everybody i know loved her outfit !! even the haters

  • lully

    is it me or she gains weight??

  • christiana

    she is not the worst dressed!! she is one of the best dressed!! she looks gorgeous! LOve HEr<3

  • whatever

    love dat miley