Worst Dressed at the Grammys: Willow Smith

  • Worst Dressed at the Grammys: Willow Smith
I am all for letting a child be creative, but the Smiths have gone too far. Shoe laces in your hair? Really?
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  • sallybee86

    Love this ....she is ten i would have probably wanted to wear something similar when i was her age!!

  • Mandy

    1st of Will Smith && Jada Pinkett Smith worked their asses off for what they have ! Will can sing VERY well && Jada is a WONDERFUL actress. They didnt have shit handed to them && they arent gonna do it with their kids. yall seriously need to grow the f*ck up ! she is a 10 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL ! its seriously f*cked up for callin her a retard. (sin) && (realist) are you f*cking serious ?? a stylist for a 10 year old ? get off your high horse cus I bet that you are some low life ugly bitch && have NO room to talk. && (dafish) first of all what the hell kinda nickname is that ? && second how the hell is she trying to hard ?? shes a litte girl && her parents were super nice && let their children come with them ! its nice to see that they are actually in their childs life ! unlike alot of celebs. all yall grow the f*ck up && gain some f*ckin respect !

  • Scorp

    Well she's just a kid and I know as a child in the 90s wearing shoe laces in your hair was something lots of kids did but the little capey thing on her waist and the god awful stripper shoes really ruin it and I have no clue what she's holding in her hand.

  • Sue

    Good Lord what is next in line for ridiculous outfits for this little girl?

  • sarah

    Realist, you are an idiot.

  • dafish11

    okay shes trying waaaaaayyyyyyy too hard.....its stupid she hasnt really done much and shes acting like SHES BEEN FAMOUS FOR YEARS AND HAS CHANGED THE WORLD. i guess thats what u get when ur parents are famous.....

  • Realist

    Willow smith looks ridiculous, not stylish. She needs help from a stylist if she is going to walk the red darpet, etc. They think its cute, but they, as parents, are hurting her image, not helping. And whats up with jaden performing with beiber and usher. How much did his parents have to pay for that? Absurd and quite apparent the parents are trying to buy fame for their children without them earning it. They cant sing well either of them. Duh!

  • Lola Bukkie Idowu
  • mimiMH

    Oh c'mon she is a LITTLE girl! She thinks she looks great, and so should we. She has plenty of time to be "best dressed." And even people 20 years older didn't dress that well. Cough,Cough, Katy.

  • sin

    looks like what would happen if you let a retard dress themselves.

  • whatever

    what the h*ll is wrong with her mom and dad i mean damm i know u got money but u dont hav 2 act like that

  • yeahman

    wats with the house shes carrying with her?!?!?!?!?!?!?!