Worst Dressed at the Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence

  • Worst Dressed at the Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence
Fashion expert Art Conn says: Giving us all Pamela Anderson 'Baywatch' chic ... all that was missing was The Hoff.
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  • Ripliancum

    She was best dress in every other list

  • Jensen

    she looks like miss piggy with the heavy make-up, blonde locks and weird smile

  • mileyismylife

    She is one of the prettiest girls i've ever seen, and yes, maybe the dress is "simple", but she brings life into the dress with her beauty. Also, i don't get how you guys think she was one of the worst dressed of the night, there's nothing wrong with the dress ! if she rocked up in a dress made from lettuce, i'd understand (even though she'd still look hot)

  • sin

    Best dressed list for sure. Is there a jealous gay guy writing this article?

  • Rach

    Nice enough, but not interesting enough

  • sweetmelody

    She doesn't need a SUPER AWESOME dress to look pretty. Such a beautiful pose, beautiful smile and beautiful girl!

  • E

    The silhoutte is gorgeous, but it's too simple. The same dress, but shimmery/sequined would have made it as one of the best dresses. Still don't think it deserves to be in this list though.

  • Samm

    she's gorgeous here! what the hell are you talking about?! one of the best dressed of the night!

  • dafish11

    but shes soo pretty to wear something too simple u know?

  • jj2

    over simple