Worst Dressed at the Oscars: Cate Blanchett

  • Worst Dressed at the Oscars: Cate Blanchett
Fashion expert Art Conn says: Has the glue dried yet? This dress was unusual, but came off looking more like a craft project at camp.
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  • mileyismylife

    The whole dress was perfect. so unique and amazing. i adore it.

  • Rach

    Ok, I actually agree with this one. The top is weird.

  • sweetmelody

    I like it!

  • E

    I second that! Even the top could have been remedied by simply getting rid of those horrible sleeves and replacing them with something more befitting the flowy, airy nature of the dress. These sleeves just weigh the skirt down.

  • L

    She looks so elegant. This worst dress list is filled with people wearing, beautiful and unique dresses. The fashion experts are punishing anyone who steps out the night-wear norm

  • K

    I didn't like the top at all. The bottom of the dress is gorgeous. It just flowed as she walked, and the color was beautiful on her. Her hair was a great choice for her face. It was a short but very feminine cut.

  • jj2

    Oh, her dress is the most amazing ever and the color is my favorite. Shouldn't be on the worst dressed list

  • Della

    I totally agree! Her dress is my favourite! Can't believe she's in the worst dressed list!

  • katematch

    Oh hell no, Cate Blanchett looked so chic! She was my favorite of the night. Interesting, unique, and not your usual ruffles, strapless, origami-esque and/or beaded (all options with a giant train/puddle of fabric) gown. LOVE IT!!!!!