Worst Dressed at the Oscars: Florence Welch

  • Worst Dressed at the Oscars: Florence Welch
Fashion expert Art Conn says: Did she borrow a dress from the 'Big Love' costume dept? For someone so musical, this dress is one note.
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  • mileyismylife

    May i steal this from her ?! it's such a stunning dress. though i'm still puzzled as to why she was at the Oscars when she's a singer lol.

  • jazz

    I'm not saying she is a gost but, she is haunting in that dress.

  • Caz

    She has the quirkiness to pull this off. She looks great.

  • sashuh

    I don't know why she is on this list..she looks fab in this dress. I love the dress!

  • Sasha

    Very elegant,she looks absolutely ravishing.Her red hair and the stunning yellow dress are a great combination. I guess the critics happen to have a really bad taste in fashion.

  • Rach

    The yellow looks a bit strange with her red hair.

  • sweetmelody

    Seriously, she looks fabulous.

  • E

    I would suggest a sweetheart, strapless neckline, with the top being of the same material as the bottom. It would lighten up the dress, instantly get rid of the 'granny' look and make her look her ACTUAL age, 24!

  • vinita

    i am in complete disagreement with the fashion critics here... you guys have chosen the best of the lot for the worst list ... guess the regular black or red dress is all that can work for you... !

  • Carly Hanson
    Carly Hanson

    This is perfect for her!

  • Megan

    I like it - it suited her!