Worst Dressed at the 2012 Met Gala

  • Worst Dressed at the 2012 Met Gala
Fashion Expert Art Conn reveals: "Looking like she put her finger in a socket while smoking a cigarette, MK aged herself by 30 years. Maybe she was actually the one in the tanning bed with that New Jersey woman. If you catch your kids sneaking a cigarette, show them this picture."
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  • Lildemon179

    Holy wow, definitely something to do with the posture, the facial expression and the hair... Dang that scared me!

  • muserella

    Well, she is like 50 now, right?

  • dsfgdgsd

    This is a plain and simple paradise for interracial mature singles together, black Woman and white Man, or black Man and white Woman.. . ..I`nter'rα'ciαlC`hαtS^,C0*M..

  • lovu

    hello grandma

  • Cindy Flores
    Cindy Flores

    marykate olsen i thought that was a older lady