Co-presenter Sophia Loren was all ruffles

  • Co-presenter Sophia Loren was all ruffles
Co-presenter Sophia Loren was all ruffles in a gold chiffon gown, gold purse, nearly gold hair and pretty gold skin! Zoom in on the voluptuous actress'... jewels!
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  • TaylorT

    It's Sophia Loren!!! How dare you out her on the worst dressed :(

  • hotgirl

    thats f*ckin ugly

  • mrsnaomicullen


  • joylene

    I dont have a problem with the dress but the balance with big hem, curvy hips and bust, big shoulder detailing and then big hair doesnt look right. she would have pulled it off well with a little less shoulder detailing in my opinion.

  • ebru

    Ms.Sophia Loren, I watched the OSCAR Awards Ceremony,from the television (in Ankara/Turkey).Especially,I would like to say something to you. At the Oscar Night;you were very fashionable and you were very beautiful and you were very elegant.But;ın the Celebuzz Web Site(;when I read this comment about your dress,I was very sorry. Ms.Sophia Loren;really,you were magnificent ,at the Oscar Night. I have an advice to the person,who made this comment,about your dress,in the Celebuzz Web Site. If this person would have look at the VERSACE( the famous Fashion Designer),to the Fashion Collection-2009; the person would have understood,how you were fashionable,at the Oscar Night. Especially,the colour of your dress is gold yellow;which is the most significant colour of this year-2009. With my best regards-Ebru Dicle