Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards

  • Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards
Sasha Gradiva took the opportunity to make herself known at the 2012 Grammy Awards by wearing a Leonid Gurevich gown accessorized with bunch of guns. Though we appreciate fashion risks, this was a little too dangerous for our taste.
Source: Getty Images
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  • SoundandImage Showcase
    SoundandImage Showcase

    People take things way to serious!!! we Soundandimageshowcase understand the fashion art behind it!! Using guns to make Art and not to Kill people thats the message here.

  • Shauna Harrelson
    Shauna Harrelson


  • me

    WTF????? Who the hell is she? Not very pretty, at all!

  • emeraldsage85

    The dress is lovely. The guns are not.

  • desertsolo

    go away please!!

  • Nancy Hugh Moh
    Nancy Hugh Moh

    what the heck she was thinking!?!

  • kate

    no way a person can think this is okay. almost disrespectful to show up to the grammys like this- shes as bad as nick minaj at least shes not as famous.

  • Kassy

    Lol what an idiot. Just like nicki minaj, try hard wanna be.

  • Ruby

    Don't know who she is and by the looks of her, don't want to know. What a tool.

  • Mr. Ass
    Mr. Ass

    What the hell is that wearing the dress? (I like the gown btw.)

  • Doris

    Another one that lost her marble, her only one....