Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards

  • Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards
For someone that critiques fashion, we're not feeling Kelly Osbourne's look at the Grammy Awards. That hair has got to go!
Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards
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  • Sue Spoth
    Sue Spoth

    the hair with her skin tone are truly not a match...she probably told her hair stylist what she wanted .the stylist should have known to adjust it to suit it to her...not a good color for you ...sorry love

  • me

    I don't think it's too to bad.....

  • Sara

    She looks great except for the hair looks like one of those old ladies that dyes it their self.

  • grindmode

    Looks good to me.

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson

    Are you kidding me?!?! She looks FABULOUS! Best Dressed Nominee!!! Her hair isn't my favorite but she still rocks it. :)

  • desertsolo

    is the dress draped or is that her bod?

  • Izzy

    I think both her hair and dress are great, but her lips are too light with that outfit and the hair color. If she wore a different lipcolor, it would be fine.

  • Stacy

    She really doesn't look all that bad. The hair needs recolored.

  • Mamasan

    I think the dress itself is lovely. I do agree, however, that she needs a new headsuit. Stat.

  • Emma

    I love this outfit! I think she looks AMAZING!!!

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    i actually really like the dress with her hair and her makeup. Celebuzz, please make better judgements!

  • AlaBella

    The dress itself is great. What clashes is the hair and tattoos. Other than that, she looks great

  • Tara Jobe
    Tara Jobe

    I also completely disagree with this one. She looks great and that dress is awesome.

  • Hajar Bessal
    Hajar Bessal

    I'm not sure bout the HAIR either,but i still think she looks AMAZING!

  • Shaun Weldon
    Shaun Weldon

    This woman has become one of my favorite ugly duckling stories!!!! She looks A-MAY-ZING!!!! (although the dress kinda looks like it got tucked into her panties!!!!(lol)) Still fabulous!!!

  • missunderstood

    I disagree I think she looks amazing!!! It's actually called "UNIQUE"