Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards

  • Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards
Nicki Minaj took a cue from Lady Gaga and went for a shocking, custom Vercace, unflattering design. However, her makeup was on point.
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  • Coynesha Sims
    Coynesha Sims

    I dnt really lyke dhiss dress tht she have'z on because itz nott something i would ever thiink dhatt nikki minaj wouldd where yoo ... but i meannn shidd nikki minaj gonna alwayz be her she nott worried bout nobody else she doiin her thiing andd thatz whyy i gotta lot of respect for her andd everybody loves her music soo i mean all yall haterz needa freee her because yall actiion lyke yall aiint never seen ha where sum crazyyy shyt be4 lyke grow df upp damnn ,, #NIKKA KEEP DOIIN YHUU HATERS GONNA HATE BUT DHISS WHAT I DNT SEE THEYY TALKK BHADD BOUT NIKKI MINAJ BUT LISTEN / JAMIIN TOO HA MUSIC REALLYYY ???? ( : < HATEN AZZ PPL ,,, CRAZYY WORLD WE LIVE INN

  • necejjj

    Does anyone notice most of her pics in this dress she seems unhappy, not smiling. I get the feeling this is some illuminati initiation where she had to disgrace herself to become a member possibly. At least thats what I hope for her sake b/c she looks terrible, a lady gaga clone, but the kids love her music and style so I ask myself is this the future! But trust its another barbie wannabe waiting in the cut ready to take this #$#$ to the next level so lil kim and her beefing is a waste of their 30 min.

  • Denise Scott
    Denise Scott

    your right n everone else missed that

  • Shauna Harrelson
    Shauna Harrelson

    Seriously, is her music really considered 'music'? Not a 'hater', just calling it as I see it....at first she showed promise, but when Little Wayne signed her, and she was on her own, I hope that he sees she is NOT going to go very far, and I feel SO sorry for the kids that really believe she is a 'singer'. It sho aint hip-hop, it aint a good voice, it sure aint rock and roll, WTF is it???


    Nicki looked beautiful and i think her performance was the most up lifting exuberant performance f u haterz #TeamMinaj

  • me

    Nicky, what were you thinking? She looks like she weighs 500 lbs.

  • Ikuiku

    Bad, bad...she tries to copy Gaga, but she's only a BAD copy

  • desertsolo

    good heavens..how freakin; awful!

  • Mamasan

    Watered down Gaga is how she comes across with all her weird costumes.

  • dfgh fghj
    dfgh fghj

    what a blood mess, but that nothing new for icky minaj icky is not a typing error she looks nasty

  • Fátima Issufo
    Fátima Issufo


  • Eileen

    Looks like what a rogue nun would have worn for Halloween about 100 years ago. My what a waste, all that money to buy Cinderella's gown and now she's waiting for the Big Bad Wolf? These people are just dumb as hell.

  • kate

    looks like the joke she is, why the hell is she famous? makes me question society that she even has 'fans'

  • Kassy

    She looks stupid as hell.

  • Ruby

    That's just.... dumb. It's not orginal, it's not unique, she just looks like an idiot.

  • Mr. Ass
    Mr. Ass

    Just because it's Versace and it's expensive, doesn't mean it looks good.

  • Mr. Ass
    Mr. Ass

    That costume isn't so bad. It's good for Halloween, but for now, she looks like the fucking retard she is.

  • Shaun Weldon
    Shaun Weldon

    I think this is typical Nikki. She looks stunning! (btw, in case you haven't noticed, the outfit is VERSACE!!!)

  • amapaman

    that's so lady gaga... disappointed*sigh*

  • Doris

    Nicki looks like she wants to be fed to the big bad wolf... Can he comes now and just makes her disappear...HURRY!!!!!!!!!