Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars

  • Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars
Stacy Kiebler went Oscar gold for the occasion but the bow on the side made this a Marchesa miss.
Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars
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  • rachel

    WHAT?..for me she was the best dressed of the show..and better than eskeleton Angelina!

  • In the O.C.
    In the O.C.

    Hey! She's not even an ACTRESS ! Isn't she just sleeping with one of the "stars"? What's she doing on here?

  • In the O.C.
    In the O.C.

    Classy & pretty dress. Demure. Strapless, but not "uncovered." Different, but not bad. Lovely lady. It's an okay dress with me.

  • UltraMileyCyrusFan

    The dress and the color is good but hate that rose on her hip.

  • Selma

    That color looks stunning on her, but I am confused about the rose thing on her hip..

  • mjm

    Absolutely gorgeous. Everyone commenting on TV thought so too.

  • Annie

    Nominee??!! She wasn't a nominee. She wouldn't have even been there if she wasn't with GC.

  • Annie

    As someone said, it is wrong to put her here. She doesn't belong on here with real Actors and Actresses who got to the Oscars due their own talent and hard work. She is Clooney's latest arm ornament. Now the dress-it looks like she got tangled up in a lame tablecloth. She could hardly walk in the mess of a dress draping on the floor.

  • Chrisa Dieterle Hickey
    Chrisa Dieterle Hickey

    The overall buzz on twitter was that this dress was a hit. And I fully agree.


    who does this section?? aparently someone than don't know nothing about fashion... everyone LOVES how she looked and at fashion police will be one of the best dressed so you're WRONG...

  • Fifi

    I don't know. That wad of fabric disturbs me a bit.

  • LuLu

    one of the BEST dressed nominees! she looks stunning and the dress is to die for!

  • mandy

    are u fucking kidding me!! she looked amazing!

  • Sandy

    She looks beautiful and I love that gown

  • 50wcd

    This is a gorgeous dress. Fresh and stylish.

  • AlaBella

    I'm sorry but Stacy looks great. Maybe she should have worn her hair up, but she looks great anyway

  • mileyismylife

    awkies because she looked so hot..

  • pearlysmed

    WTH celebuzz!!! Do you even know what worse dress means?

  • Katharyn Davies
    Katharyn Davies

    I agree with Britta and Erika. She's a knock out.

  • ara

    this is cute

  • Britta Kristiansen
    Britta Kristiansen

    She is so lovely in this Marchesa. You are so wrong to put her here!

  • Erika

    I totally disagree. This dress was one of my favorites of the night. She looks lovely!