Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars

  • Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars
Actress Anna Farris was a disco ball dress gone wrong! The dress was Diane von Furstenberg but not with the shimmer and shine we love!
Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars
Source: Getty Images
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  • Lea

    That's exactly how I feel about Kristen Wiig's dress!

  • In the O.C.
    In the O.C.

    Too black - too much contrast with her pale blond hair color. Too much shiney shine shine, although I love sequins generally. Nothing soft or very feminine about this look. Maybe tone it down with, uhm, a denim jacket? Just kidding. Next, please.

  • The Critical Crassness
    The Critical Crassness

    Someone has been playing with the latex body paint...horrible, un-sexy and all wrong for the Oscars.

  • UltraMileyCyrusFan

    uuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.............BAD BAD BAD!! Her hairstyle,dress,haircolor everything! what was she thinking?

  • dotmatrix

    Is that latex? It can always do double duty as a barbecue cover.

  • mjm

    yes I agree- it is very old fashioned

  • Rachel

    she looks sooooo old

  • 50wcd

    This dress looks like it belongs at an 80's MTV party.

  • AlaBella

    I may not agree with other "worst dressed" choices, but I do with this one. Anna looks like a vinyl record

  • pearlysmed

    Sweet Jesus my eyes!

  • Lisa Danielle Bransom
    Lisa Danielle Bransom

    The only way this dress could be saved is if you made it a mini, put a bold necklace with it and gave it a plunging back!

  • Katharyn Davies
    Katharyn Davies

    This dress makes her look like a particularly unpleasant black beetle.