The closer we get the

  • The closer we get  the
The closer we get, the more it hurts.
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  • renayy

    WAT THA WAT DOGGONE60's why is she famous ?she has the best voice of all time, and the best career of all time. most # one hits by a single artist and is only second for every body an in that she is behind the beatles. so get an her, an she has gotten artist of the year an, artist of the millineum ,and artis of the decade so wat u think of tht "y do we care wat she say" because she is the # one diva in the game

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I think she looks pretty :))

  • doggone60's

    pharia karey.why is she famous and why do we care what this fat ugly bea ach does says or looks like

  • truvi

    esta gorda !!!bad