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Okay, Scrappy McDoo, who told you that facial hair would finally make you look grown up? Did somebody dare you to trim your beard in the dark? DO NOT GET THIS.
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  • Zokariel

    Facial Hair: You obviously have not been around a lot of different men who grow beards! In some families, people do not have a lot of body or facial hair (my own for example). K Reeves is part hawaiian-chinese and many asians do not have a lot of body (or facial) hair. So, when they grow beards (this can happen in any ethnicity), there can be sparse areas. I have seen it many times (having six brothers and dating men from families with a lot of brothers in the Midwest where Everyone grows a beard during deer hunting season. Colorado men in winter too!! Where have you been in winter?? (Actually, I found it quite fetching!! I wish I could have seen the cuff links close up!! I love sapphires and think his taste in his ensemble was quite excellent!! I was really happy to see some straight leg trousers and pointed shoes. I thought the outfit very befitting of the evening!! Jeff Bridges' beard looked as if he just walked out of the Kentucky Hills. I have met folks gathering possums from that area!! You just don't get out much, do you?? Aloha!!

  • kim

    he looked amazing he is so sexy he was amazing he always looks amazing, loved him in the tux whoo keanu u wow