Ok so it KIND OF

  • Ok  so it KIND OF
Ok, so it KIND OF looks like the grey sea of fabric but I have a feeling it's about as elegant and tame as Lady G is going to get, thus let's applaud. Stop when you get to her hair.
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  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    She is the best !!!!

  • mileynews543

    She looks absolutely gorgeous in that outfit. And her hair looks really good too. (: I like that its not as crazy as she usually is. lol.

  • Liv

    That looks like Kim K., not Gaga

  • Tori Holden
    Tori Holden

    Yes, that bow is made of her hair. Her style? Unique. Creative. Artisitic. Attention seeking. It's working too, she's become a household name. Love this dress, and how very conservative for her!

  • ferrarae

    what is up with lady gaga's style? I dont get it?!

  • obsessed

    is that bow made with her hair?!!