Preview Natalie Portman's Mommy Movie

Preview Natalie Portman's Mommy Movie (PHOTOS)-photo

In a bit of genius (if transparent) marketing, the trailer for Natalie Portman's forthcoming  mommy movie was released on the heels of her real-life announcement that she is both pregnant and engaged. While The Other Woman trailer shows Natalie cradling her newborn, a joyous sight as we envision her as a new mom, the rest of the plotline doesn't exactly call for celebration.

No spoiler alert necessary, as the trailer lets you know upfront that Natalie plays a homewrecker who marries her boss only to suffer the tragic loss of her new baby. As she struggles with her grief, Natalie must iron out a stormy relationship with her young stepson. It's not the first time Natalie plays a mom - we saw her do it pretty well in last year's Brothers - but the story seems a little more rich knowing that Natalie is now expecting.

Check out the trailer below ℅ Yahoo! Movie (via Movieline:)

Tearjerker alert: The Other Woman is available on demand on January 14. Will you watch? Weigh in via the comments. Check out photos of Natalie's possibly pregnant red carpet looks here.


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