Ready for Some More Runaways? Of Course You Are...

Ready for Some More Runaways? Of Course You Are...-photo

As those wise sages AC/DC once noted, it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

Behold, two new clips from the upcoming Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning affair The Runaways, depicting the humble early beginnings of the titular all-girl group. Yes, sometimes glory come at a price—such as being forced to play roller-rinks and being pelted with beer cans.

PS: In the Los Angeles area and not doing anything tonight? We're giving away tickets to the premiere of The Runaways, because we love you very much and want you to be happy.



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  • josejub

    yea dakota's voice sounds really kool and unique and i love kristen's rock/singing voice! and you u cud tell its kirsten's voice it sounds like her! i wanna c that movie it looks kool!

  • andrea

    is kristen really singing in the first video?

  • Jon

    Kristen Stewart rocks! Can't believe that she is so talented. You would never know it from Twilight. It really proves that given cheesy dialog, even great actors can appear bad. I will definitely see this film.

  • laurencullen

    love it i cant wait to see it!

  • edward151

    i love how kstew sings the 1st video was amazing!

  • robkrisfan

    Can't wait to see this...looks really good! Kstew and Dakota Rock!!

  • Kimm

    Looks really good.