'Real Housewife' Sonja Files for Bankruptcy

'Real Housewife' Sonja Files for Bankruptcy-photo

Sonja Tremont-Morgan, one of the new stars of Real Housewives of New York, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Wednesday in Manhattan.

The 46-year-old socialite listed $19.8 million in debt and $13.5 million in assets on her bankruptcy petition.

Sonja blamed her financial woes on a recent legal battle with Hannibal Pictures, Inc. over a failed movie project with John Travolta. Sonja claims that John demanded too much from her production company, Sonja Productions, and she was unable to meet his requests.

The film, Fast Flash to Bang Time, stopped production in 2006 and Hannibal Pictures filed a lawsuit against Sonja Productions in California and won a $7 million judgment. Sonja claims she was poorly represented during the case and claims she has filed an appeal.

Sonja also blames some of her financial woes on her painful (and unresolved) divorce with her husband, an alleged descendant of J.P. Morgan tycoon John Adams.

Watch Sonja introduce herself to the Real Housewives of New York below.


Sonja has also had her fair share of legal woes in the past few months – in June, Sonja was arrested for drunk driving in Long Island, NY.

Sonja isn't the first member of the Housewives franchise to file bankruptcy, New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband famously filed for bankruptcy earlier this year after bragging about their wealth to Bravo cameras.

The New York cast of Housewives is currently filming their fourth season.

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  • isac0014

    I am pretty sure that when these women get on tv, they start spending like there is not tomorrow to try to prove everyone that they have money when they don't. Credit is very easy to get and money is very hard to keep. Having a LV bag does not make you rich or classy - it is just pretentious and a temporary bandage for your low self esteem.

  • Nikki

    I've heard of "Red Sonja" so she must be "In The Red Sonja"

  • J

    It truly disgusts me that these women on the Housewives shows live so high on the hog and then file for bankruptcy with millions in debt. For all the people who work hard and still struggle to make ends meet, this is a true aberration.

  • Mel

    Try 56

  • Mary

    If she's 46 then I'm really 21.

  • Dave Rowley
    Dave Rowley

    Who Cares? I DO!! If I don't care for the millionaires , who will? I love you, poor, poor millionaires. I feel your pain. I get you. *air kisses*

  • Spartacle79

    Sounds like another shallow housewife getting what she deserves. Maybe if any of these women had any sense of public service or doing something for the betterment of humankind, they'd have better karma. Vanity and entitlement without hard work and integrity land you right about where Sonya is...

  • Brenda

    I don't feel sorry for anyone who makes millions, mis-manage their money and cries to the world.

  • Tilley

    CARE?....I'm sorry I even READ the article! "CARE"?.....why, her problems are some how more important than the millions of us w/o millions in assets? C'mon!

  • Bobby Taylor
    Bobby Taylor

    You could possibly care about some has-been glam girl?....Really! This isn't news, this is yet another jerk milking more $$ out of "the system" She wont miss a beat, but her debt will be relieved!

  • Wills

    I hope she wins her appeal. I love Sonja

  • tan

    Better to ask me if I care.