Report: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Split

Report: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Split-photo

Did Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal call it quits?

People magazine reports that the age of Syllenhaal has come to an end, with a source claiming that the two are "over" and that the relationship "ended last month."

Taylor, 21, was recently spotted looking glum in Nashville, Tennessee right before New Year's Eve. The "Mine" songbird rang in 2011 sans Jake at a private party in Nashville.

Meanwhile, Jake, 30, celebrated the new year in New York City where he attended a closing party for Fela and hit the town for dinner with his mom.

The two first started dating in October, when were both spotted out having brunch in Brooklyn's chic Park Slope neighborhood. Jake's sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, lives in Park Slope and reportedly spent Thanksgiving weekend with the budding couple.

If the break-up rumors are true, Jake better be watching out for Taylor to release a song about their relationship. The talented young singer has written countless songs about former flames and has said that the men she dates should expect her to write about them if things turn sour.

Watch Taylor defend her songwriting below.

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  • bevshiazel

    i guess you guys are right. but we should also consider other factors. lets just leave them behind and mind our own business. no matter what we say, it wont make any change. n_n

  • bevshiazel

    it's becase of your ugly face dear wowowow

  • bevshiazel

    shut up who so ever you are let her do what she wants to do.! just mind your own business!! LOSER!

  • stephanie

    She's 21. She'll live. It drives me crazy, I mean I get that she's a great artist or whatever, but GET OVER IT! You are not always the sweet, innocent, outcast that you portray in EVERY song. It's getting old, move on. Try reality for new song material. The boys do notice you, you are gorgeous, and yes, relationships end. Story over.

  • Chris

    All Jake wanted was another piece.

  • Laurene Manwarren
    Laurene Manwarren

    SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! Slow down young lady

  • santo

    "Jake reached out to her and started all of this, but now heâ??s not acting as interested," a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Wednesday). If Jake lost interest in her, then it's time for them to split. Jake's a simple person why stay around if he knows that his interest has waned. Dominican republic divorce

  • j.lo

    she was too young for him and she's a cornball.........and she looks like a white donky jake is much of grown man for her she's just wack..........but i like some of her songs

  • Ding Ding
    Ding Ding

    It's obvious what happened... It's her annoying face!

  • Taylor Swift tickets
    Taylor Swift tickets

    After that break up with Gyllenhaal, we are waiting for another song about the story :-). It will be an amazing story! Does really Swift irritates men and unable to keep a relationship or men could not understand Taylor’s celebrity, or there is another factor? Many questions, though are personal, they are posed after those breaks in swift’s relations.

  • I would hit it...
    I would hit it...

    How many guys has she dated in the last two years...sounds like a tramp to me...maybe her slutty ways are what keeps her breaking up. Whatever it is she needs to slow it down and enjoy life. otherwise she will be used up before she hts 25.

  • overtaylor

    taylor's a hoe. slut. stop f*cking so many guys and writing songs about them.

  • TaylorisMEAN

    HERE WE GO AGAIN! I know it takes two sides of every story but she's always putting it out. Make people look bad which leads to making her look so "innocent" through the relationships she had with a guy. Every details of the song is always the same, it screams out only one thing and that's "YOU BROKE MY HEART SO THAT MAKES YOU THE BAD GUY!!!". It's completely unfair to let everybody know that you were once dating this person, it's just all about publicity to her. Nevertheless, I still listen to her songs (I ADMIT!) but she's got to stop from pretending to be the victim HERE! I know that she wants to take a chance on love but take it easy, girl! Love won't accept you if you're always making a mess but never cleaning it up when it comes to boys. YOU don't want to end up as bitterly old women who was once a superstar but never had a shot of true love yet she's a cat lady but with no cats!!!