Rihanna Boats & Bikinis in Barbados (PHOTOS)

Sienna Miller wasn't the only one bikini-ing her little tush off in Barbados over the Christmas weekend.

Putting up a strong, if surprisingly feminine, challenge to Miller's two-piece showboating, Rated R songstress Rihanna returned to her homeland to flaunt her curves in a pink ruffled bikini on Saturday. Which is a far cry from the S&M pirate look she's been working in recent months.

A bold gambit from this normally edgy chanteuse, but did it pay off? Check out the pics in our photo gallery and hit us up in the comments section with your verdict—does Rihanna pull off the girly-girl thing convincingly?



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  • ihateRihanna

    omg! she is horrible! and she doesn't even known how to be herself

  • CICI


  • Laryssia Steal Jones
    Laryssia Steal Jones


  • diamond

    she looks nice,i feel bad 4 my boy chris 4 what he did.

  • Stephanie Araya Rice
    Stephanie Araya Rice

    Big bootie! Go Robin!

  • Stephanie Araya Rice
    Stephanie Araya Rice

    No shame, gotta love it! lol

  • Stephanie Araya Rice
    Stephanie Araya Rice

    she's very pretty but the makeup does her well. I'm glad she went to the beach to get a lil tan

  • Stephanie Araya Rice
    Stephanie Araya Rice

    Wedgy! lol!

  • Stephanie Araya Rice
    Stephanie Araya Rice

    she has such a pretty body but that bathing suit is HIDEOUS! & whatever she has in her head...is that a hairnet?! EWWW

  • noah

    Excuse me ma'am, but your ass is eating your bikini.

  • jillicia

    she looks nice

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Hmm. Girl needs to do some crunches, stat.