Rihanna Naked Pics Hit Internet

Rihanna Naked Pics Hit Internet-photo

What, is this Naked Celebrity Photos Week in Internet-land?

Hot on the heels of the racy photos of Diddy protege Cassie that hit the Web yesterday, Rihanna has upped the ante big time.

A series of highly explicit photos of the "Disturbia" singer have just been unleashed on the Internet, depicting RiRi snapping shots of herself in the naked via her room's mirror.

Though the source of the photos is unknown, in one shot the words "I Love You" and "I Miss  You" are scrawled on the mirror. Has a certain former beau of Rihanna's turned a souvenir of their relationship into the ultimate revenge?

The photos can be viewed here. WARNING: Extremely Not Safe for Work, unless your boss' name is Larry Flynt.

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  • nex849

    looking good! check out all of Rihanna's naked scandal pics at http://rihannanaked.org

  • noah

    I wish she had an umbrella in some of this photos for some ironic prop placement.

  • kim90210


  • kesia

    Love Rihhana PIc's

  • Santa Lucia
    Santa Lucia

    i love ya rihanna. dont worry about what ppl say, im sure u took ur pics with no intentions of it getting out. lots of ppl do that kind of stuff, and sometimes or most times even worse, and they want to judge u when ur sh*t gets out. they probably did worse than this, but it just has not gotten out yet... but any way, u look good girl.. we miss you love ur biggest fan

  • Allan

    wow,you look good girl...good girl gone bad alright,lol well i dont really think its her but who cares...

  • Huhhhsh

    Okay, I gotcha. Look for the link at the top to see the photos.

  • Huhhh

    Must be a new definition for naked I'm unaware of???

  • ellie

    she is not even naked i say 90% of pepole that go to the beach dress like that!!!!!

  • hiroko

    she really dissapointed me and she's totally RIHANNA

  • arbitro

    rhinna es una peerra beach jajajaja

  • Zizi

    WTF!!! Rhi are u ok?Pls don't Brit ! ! !

  • quinsosyaliztah

    -- is that chris brown her saying that her love u and miss you

  • hensfield

    thanks hispanicatthedisco ahh now i see the nakedness but whats the big deal about it?

  • fassbinder

    this is a pretty cheateur it and want to copy beyonce and stole her boyfriend.

  • maniac000nloose

    Wow! What goes through her head when she does this?

  • grethyyelo

    pssssss!!! lo uniko es ke esta mazz plana aa!!! y ese hueco too raro ke????

  • hispanicatthedisco

    am i being really dumb or has she actually got clothes on? defeats the point of nakedness? Check the link to the pics. She is very, very much in the nekkid.

  • ty

    what a f*cking nasty ass *va jay jay*

  • BubblesLove!

    Damn Rhiannna! God all clebs are going crazy For god sake, Rhiannna Good Girl gone bad Thats true!

  • hensfield

    am i being really dumb or has she actually got clothes on? defeats the point of nakedness?

  • Barno

    OH BABY! Jk your an ugly slut cake that wishes she was hot. You may sing some good songs but your a dumb ass that takes verses from good songs. f*ck YOU

  • Mr. Lyle
    Mr. Lyle

    YOU WISH YOU WERE HOT LIKE ME!!! YOU UGLY HOESNATCH =P WOO WOO woo wooo Fruit cakes unite!

  • howmuchproofdouneed

    HOW MUCH MORE proof do u need to know that this aint riri? what girl doesnt store provocative stuff sometimes on her computer? cmon get a life. her life is alreadi messed up. dont need to make it worse..hasn't her imperfect life been opened to the public enuff? now this? what do u expect from this girl!? she's in love. leave her alone. she'll grow up in her own time. gosh.

  • dontcare..

    if these aren't rihanna why did def jam send out an email via their lawyers to get the pictures off the internet. They didn't say either way wether or not they in fact weren't of 'rihanna'. &what about the pics of chris brown with her underwear on his head sitting on her bed. Why would that one be considered him but not these.

  • serap

    ROFL this is so photoshopped, cant believe you guys are posting this!

  • Scooter

    Chris Brown is NOT going to be happy. Well then, Chirs Brown can just go straight to Hell, or deeper. But I might be wrong.

  • annie

    omg Its not even her LOVE ya RiRi.

  • titi

    in the pics her face is showed she appears dressed..... but... despite of all she has an amazing body... in a few hours a bunch of moms are gonna star postig bad things of her.. bla bla bla..... love ya ri

  • Naked is the new clothes
    Naked is the new clothes

    Damn Rihanna is heading to the Xtreme way defo a good girl gone bad ..so who has the better pussy Rihanna VS cassie ?

  • hahaha

    [quote=sweat pant$ boner]she kinda looks like my ex-gf. she just needs to add about 80lbs to her fame and get an overbite. dats nasty but funny.

  • sweat pant$ boner
    sweat pant$ boner

    she kinda looks like my ex-gf. she just needs to add about 80lbs to her fame and get an overbite.

  • jeffrey

    hell yea

  • buzzbuddy

    Oh my!

  • stallown3d

    Nudie Magazine Day!

  • noah

    Chris Brown is NOT going to be happy.

  • charliemurphy

    Holy sh*t balls! It must be Kwanzaa come early for Charlie Murphy!

    Are you allowed to legally marry someones butt?