Rihanna Now One Tattoo Closer To Turning Herself Into Walking Billboard of Bad Ideas

Rihanna Now One Tattoo Closer To Turning Herself Into Walking Billboard of Bad Ideas-photo

Ok! is reporting that Rihanna hit up her fave NYC tattoo parlor East Side Ink last night around 2:00 AM to get a new tattoo of her latest "personal motto" forever applied to the area below her collarbone.

Friend and artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy explained, “She told me in advance she’d be coming, and then when she got there, she told me what she wanted: ‘Never a failure, always a lesson,’ but written backwards.” Oh god. How original and motivational. Well, to be honest, this isn't the first tattoo of hers that we think is kinda silly.

Let us count the ways:

  • The gun on the ribcage. Be careful with that thing.
  • Matching neck stars with Chris Brown. "Fooreeeverrrrr."
  • A skull with a pink hair bow behind her ankle. BAD. ASS.
  • The "Shhh" on her right index finger, which inspired Lohan and Lily Allen to follow suit. Classy ladies.

Great. So, what should she get next?? Share your suggestions in the comment section.



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  • dumbassnoah

    wow ur dumb "noah", shes wearing that hat because she wants to, douchebag


    michelle lohan is wrong everything she does chris brown does he went on good morning america after her he went into east side tattoo parlor and tattooed a person like her he released his single at the same time she did you have it completely twisted who would want to copy that woman beater anyways?

  • isha KIMMIONS
    isha KIMMIONS

    i love the tattoo it is special to her so whateve love her new cd its her body so she is the only one that has to live with it so stop hating haters

  • michelle lohan
    michelle lohan

    Can she be more original please everything Chris brown does she does it as well, the graffiti pic on her CD, the style and now the tat on the chest?? what next? be yourself for once!!!

  • Truth

    She got a tattoo big as day on her hand how can a major magazine mogal miss that! OK!

  • Sosey

    that's awesome... she can always look in the mirror and remind herself.. life is a lesson!

  • noah

    Why is she wearing a leather train conductor hat?