Rob Pattinson Holds Impromptu Jam Session in Hotel Room

Rob Pattinson Holds Impromptu Jam Session in Hotel Room-photo

Rob Pattinson continues to surprise us.

OK! Magazine is reporting that, after seeing the band Sage & the Dills perform in Vancouver on April 18, he invited the group and fellow cast members Kristen Stewart, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed and Taylor Lautner back to his hotel room to continue the musical night.

What did they do there? Make sweet, beautiful music of course! Rob strummed on his guitar as Jackson played harmonica, and Nikki Reed sang lyrics that she had practiced earlier while serenading Taylor. 

Lead singer Sage told OK! that the jam session sounded like a mix of old-school rock and country, as well as Van Morisson. "Everything blended together really well," she revealed.

No wonder, since the cast is really tight-knit, according to Kellan Lutz. Lutz, who plays Rob's brother in the Twilight series, said, "It is weird that the minute we all met, it felt like family. The first day we got on set, a lot of us felt like we’d always been related."

Now, that's one family with some good genes.



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  • kerryfromireland

    OMG yous are all so friggin mean!! i heard Sage and she was alright!! im not into her music but those who like the genre would like it!! and whats wrong with Nikki Reed?? she is so down to earth and nice!! the whole cast are dead on!! they all are so honest and down to earth and i think that this normality is what brought them all together cuz there wasnt one of them who was stuck up and felt they were better than the rest of them!!!! jealousy is all i can say!!

  • elisilla

    and they also ate pizza... hahaha.

  • kelly

    Nikki Reed...yuk..get over yourself already

  • evita1500

    How funny.. non famous people, like Sage, trying to make it in the paper. Please Sage, put a sock in it. You are a NOBODY! Oh, and from what I've read, she was horrible at that gig in Vancouver