Robert Pattinson: Back in Black

Robert Pattinson: Back in Black-photo

Alright, all you Robert Pattinson obsessives who've been demanding photos of his latest Los Angeles visit: Ask and ye shall receive.

No need to thank us; that's what we do.

The 22-year-old Twilight heartthrob was spotted running errands in Hollywood. Was Pattinson already getting into character for the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon by dressing head-to-toe in black? Or was he just trying to blend in with the rest of the pale, black-clad vampires who populate Hollywood's streets?

That Robert Pattinson; he's a man of endless mystery. But that's alright—as long as he keeps coming back to visit us.

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think about Robert's black wardrobe?




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  • mc.

    dude. go to its amazing.

  • Lauren

    I lovee in always but hee is just sexy in black lovee thee look ..x

  • lori

    He could wear a trash bag and still rock it..he is sexy ALL the way around!!!

  • JasminePattinsonCullen

    He Can Be In Anything. Naked Would Be Better, He's Still Obliviously Gorgeous Anyway. I Freaking Love Him!!

  • sophie

    is he waring DOC MARTENS???

  • kitsy

    I like him sooo much!!! For me, he could wear any wardrobe from red carpet look to rugged look and whatever color it might be and still looking SOOOOO HOT!!!

  • stacy


  • camille

    why is it such a big thing? anyone can wear all black. I've worn all black. Geeesh. Leave him alone, I think that's what he wants. and BTW. I love Rob. lol, I'll still love him whether he's wearing an all pink outfit (now that would be news!)

  • amariama

    I have to agree with eva, except for the part about XD.

  • marie

    Rob oh Rob you are stunning! Love him in black! But why the boots?? I love him no matter what he is wearing but those not diggin them. Poor guy, as much as I love to see him I wish they would just leave him alone. It's bittersweet. Hang in there Rob we love you!!

  • Sissy

    I LOVE ROBERT, with or without the glamor of Hollywood , he could wear whatever he wants, he is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! he makes my heart beat faster when he glance at the camera. He is so down to earth, maybe it is that quality that makes us feel so close to him as human being (an extraordinary good looking one). I LOVE YOU ROBERT!!!!!!

  • Midz

    I love him in anything heck i have loved him since harry potter and on behalf of his british we can't wait till he comes back home

  • eva

    你好:) 雖然我看不太懂英文 但是你是在說他穿什麼顏色的衣服比較好看吧? 都很好看XD 希望新月(new moon)快點拍好!

  • chechu

    I love him he is just PERFECT. im from argentina and i wish he come here :( un beso para todos, robert es el mejor edward cullen qe puede existir, besos desde argentina.

  • Conchita

    I LOVE HIM in ANY COLOR!! I definitely cant WAIT till TWILIGHT comes OUT ON BLU-RAY, think thats the only way to really appreciate HIM, LITTLE ASHES is COMING OUT SOON, along with NEW MOON!! JUST CANT WAIT!!!!

  • mac

    Have you ever thought that maybe his color choice is a reflection of how he feels? Look into's human nature.

  • amanda

    heck he makes jeans, t-shirts and sneakers look more than good. i'd love to get drinks with him away from all that crazy hollywood stuff. sucks people bug him so much he has to run from the photogs.

  • J-Star

    want constant Rob watch? visit

  • jennifer shaw
    jennifer shaw

    i think that he looks really good in anything that he wears and i am really excited about little ashes coming out and then new moon cant wait love ya rob

  • miranda

    i like him sooo muh i and i cant wait for new moon, and the wearing all blck thing good for him I LOVE HIM!