Robert Pattinson Bids Adieu to L.A.

Robert Pattinson Bids Adieu to L.A.-photo

Farewell,  Robert Pattinson, we hardly knew ye.

It seems like just yesterday—actually it was a few days ago—that you touched down in Los Angeles in preparation for your Oscars presentation gig.

When your plane touched down at the airport, you landed right in your hearts.

We reveled in your scruffy charm. Tracked your movements from watering hole to watering hole. And finally, we watched your delightful, if somewhat nervous, Oscars appearance.

And somewhere in that time, we entertained the thought that maybe—just maybe—you'd like it here enough to never leave. Even though we knew that your heart lies elsewhere.

But no; today we spotted you hurrying through Los Angeles International Airport, en route to a departing flight. 

Oh well; it was nice while it lasted. At least you gave us one last hurrah at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party at Sunset Towers last night.

*Sniff* Promise you'll write?



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  • rebecca

    Man i hope he comes back to soon

  • katieg

    Rob, Kristen & Taylor went to Japan to promote the Twi premier there this Fri. night. Rob is scheduled for LA Nicolodean thing Mar. 28. He seems to stay homesick for London. He has a BF in Vancouver & his Twicast, so he should be OK there?

  • katieg

    Rob, Kristen & Taylor are in Japan to promote Twilight, as it premiere this Friday night. Then he will probably jet back to London. He is scheduled for some Nicolodeon thing in LA Mar. 28. Wish we he'd come to NC, USA!

  • rosa


  • Sleepwalker

    Oh! C'mon! Haven't you heard?? He's going to Tokyo along with Taylor! SO cut the drama guys! And by the way, Rob's not like that! He's a decent man!

  • frejamacarons

    girl you are such a mess, you are such a mess i can smell you through the computer screen. now i am off for my prozac.

  • frenchygirl

    he is going to japon for the premiere of twilight with Kristen stewart and taylor Launtner.

  • ange050

    Sadness in his eyes. What a life. I am glad for anonymity. I hope he finds what ever it is he is looking for.

  • ree

    hes heading to japan for more promo work for twilight.... if only he really was coming back to london!

  • Jinx

    he's in toyko to promote twilight

  • patti

    Wow, I've met him twice and he was super nice, intelligent, sweet both times. Mabye you are just a b*tch and he didn't like you. Hey Lynds! I was just wondering how you got the chance to meet him? He seems like a pretty cool guy!

  • jetbaby

    he's got a Twilight premier in Tokyo on the 27th ... so he may be on his way there

  • Caitlin

    I think he is going to Japan

  • Kacy

    Loved getting to see him again, he looked gorgeous at the Oscars. I am glad he came back but I also know where his heart is and that's in London, although I believe he was actually going to Tokyo for the premiere of Twilight over there this weekend. Just guessing. :)

  • tina

    Maria, Maybe he was a jerk to you because he didnt like you....he can be a pervert with me. I wouldnt mind. Love you R-Patzz!!

  • I Should Know
    I Should Know

    Hey Maria - I don't believe you. Rob has always been a gentleman and even in tense situations has never been a diva. Cut the lies. I think it's more likely that you and your friends were drunk and acting like a smart ass.

  • Devin

    He maybe off to Tokyo for the premiere of Twilight on February 27th in Tokyo, Japan. It has been said that he will be there along with Kristen and Taylor.

  • lynds

    Wow, I've met him twice and he was super nice, intelligent, sweet both times. Mabye you are just a b*tch and he didn't like you.

  • Lynds

    He's probably heading to Vancouver BC for pre-production.

  • sbaran

    Maria: Which bar were you at and where?

  • maria

    Let me tell u this guy is not what he's crack up to be at all no wonder he has no girlfriend he's a total pervert & drunk...he drinks like a & my friends where at a bar he showed to & he was a total smart ass...I would never at all thought he would be like that...

  • Amanda

    Betchya hes on his way to Vancouver , Canada to start filing New Moon! only a month till filming starts!!!

  • noah

    Good riddance.

  • bawwow


  • Bey

    lol u guys have to chill the f*ck out. dont u know london is his home. geez. if he wants to hurry up and go back, he'll go back. he's not in LA to satisfy you fans. only there to present at the oscars, got more press than needed off of it, and now needs to re-cool for new moon all over again

  • jenn

    gosh cant u just stay in one f*cking place!!!

  • chichilavie

    Where is he going? Back to London?

  • karinag

    hahahah, my thoughts exactly as an Angeleno!