Robert Pattinson Is Getting 'Unbound' With Jackman

Robert Pattinson Is Getting 'Unbound' With Jackman-photo

Robert Pattinson just got a birthday present in the form of a new movie role.

Variety reports that the Twilight heartthrob—who turns 23 today—will star in the upcoming period drama Unbound Captives with his karaoke buddy Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

The film, which was written by and will be directed by Madeleine Stowe, is about a woman (played by Weisz) whose husband is killed and her two children kidnapped by a Comanche Indian war party in 1859. Coming to her rescue is hearty frontiersman Jackman, and RPattz will play Weisz's son.

Sounds like a hit!

Have your say in the comments section: Will you go see Unbound Captives when it hits theaters?



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  • bea

    you still the best daniel..

  • bea

    dont worry. you still the best .. daniel.

  • Bee

    omg! i'd be the first in line to see this movie. They're both such great actors. And a whole lot of hotness jammed packed in one film! [=

  • Carolyn

    Rob and Kristen are great actors in the making...I'm glad they are taking their opportunities - I know I'll like Little Ashes & How to Be because of Rob's skill and Kristen ruled in the Land of Women & Adventureland - New Moon and Eclipse and BREAKING DAWN!!!!! will be epic and beautiful - looking forward to it all!

  • cb007

    Will there be a bit of a song and dance around a TEEPEE ?. If so Rob, take a piano with you. Hugh, take your dancing shoes. Oh by the way, say hallo to the Indians for me. Thanks.

  • ECHE

    Happy birthday Rob.

  • Tya

    Rob will play Jackman's son? huh. Cant say I see the resemblence. But whose complaining! :)

  • becca

    OMG! I can't wait to see it!!! two HOT men in a movie!!! I can't ask for more!!!

  • sarah

    Blissful news. So happy for Rob.

  • fan

    Crazy about you Rob

  • sari

    Robs got soem great work coming uo. Memoirs, Bel Ami and now this new project. Flippin fantastic.

  • caz

    Tremenous news for Rob. Love him so much

  • Karen

    Way to go Rob, congrats on your new role, I'm sure you'll be great. Hope you have a wonderful birthday & many blessings for the year ahead. love Karen

  • di

    I am so excited by this. Rob well done. You ae going to do us proud

  • fassbinder

    This is a good actor! Oh! I almost forgot "happy birthday" Rob !!!!!!!!!!

  • MaAimee

    Wow!! This is such a great great news!! Happy Birthday Rob!

  • Olivia

    oh i'm so glad he is getting lots of roles now! he is such a great actor and he deserves all the best! oh and happy birthday Rob! hope you are having a great know, with that someone special by your side! lol

  • RobPAdmirer

    I can't wait to see his acting range and depth w/ this next film (if it really is in the works). How exciting! Happy Birthday again, Rob :)