Robert Pattinson Gonna Have Tons of Sex In Sexy New Sex Scenes

Robert Pattinson Gonna Have Tons of Sex In Sexy New Sex Scenes-photo

Is Rob Pattinson trying to make up for the lack of sex in the Twilight series by having tons of sexy sex in his new movie? Thankfully, it seems to be true! RPattz's next movie is Bel Ami, an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's 1885 novel (not, as we'd hoped, a biopic about MTV VJ Bill Bellamy), in which Rob stars as journalist Georges Duroywhich, who quickly moves up the social ladder by sexing it up with a variety of high-ranking sexy females in some very steamy and sexual sex scenes.

Life & Style has somehow gotten their hands on the script, and man, are we excited. Check it:

"One of his sex romps with Christina Ricci finds both their characters surprised by the intensity of the racy encounter. Tender, aching moments pass before Georges asks Christina's Clotilde, "Now?" And he doesn't stop there. Georges is quick and efficient with Madeleine (played by Uma Thurman) while sitting at a desk, rough and ravenous with Virginie (Kristin Scott Thomas) on the floor and eager up against a door with a prostitute named Rachel!"

Somewhere, Stephenie Meyer is having a heart attack. This should be interesting....are you excited to see RPattz doing lots of sexy sex on the big screen?



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  • simplydiffer

    YESSS!, Rob, YESSS! I bet Kristen Stewart's seaming with jealousy.

  • moooonis

    roooberto ma takie cudne oczy zakochana .najchętniej zabrałabym go do swojego pokoju nio i wiecie o co kaman;D kocham go poprostu;********I am from poland(On margin so)

  • johnsosh

    I'd be happy to volunteer to practice his sex scenes with him if he needs someone

  • lizbizz11

    It'll be awkward..I mean he will be hot and stuff but it'll be awkward..

  • Yikes

    More moaning, please?!?!?

  • sydsouth

    * lolz Tatts09!! XD

  • obsessed

    i almost fainted when i heard "Rob's Moan" New this???omg....i can't wait for this movie... OMG ME TOOO!!! THAT MOAN BEFORE THE KISS WAS FUKIN HOT/SEXY!!!!!!


    OMFG!!!!!! Jeez, cant get enough of him no matter how it comes!!!!! I have even taken to buying all of his UK movies~ DAMN them for having a different kind of DVD player, some movies wont play here in ours!!!!

  • More please
    More please

    I hope he gets to break away from his Edward Cullen character sucessfully ( Love my Edward, don't get me wrong), but I'd like to see much more of him and not the same freakin character all the time

  • Rebecca Pierce
    Rebecca Pierce

    yes please!

  • chris

    Sounds hot

  • tatts09

    i almost fainted when i heard "Rob's Moan" New this???omg....i can't wait for this movie...

  • IDontLikeThis

    he should stop exploiting himself

  • yep

    The screen is going to melt!!!!! H*ll yes it is!

  • Yikes

    The screen is going to melt!!!!!

  • jojo

    The one on the floor with Kristen Sott Thomas is mega hot. Actually all of them are hot but he;s such a bad boy with Scott Thomas.

  • obsessed

    rpattz doing these scenes gahhhhhhhh too much sexiness to handle

  • twilightobsessed

    OH.MY.GOD!! DAAAYUUMM! i will be hyperventilating during those scenes!! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT AND CAN YOU SAY HOT?!?!? I LOVE YOU ROB!!