Robert Pattinson Knocks on Johnny Depp's Door

Robert Pattinson Knocks on Johnny Depp's Door-photo

Just how far can good buzz take you? All the way to Johnny Depp's front door, apparently.

Twilight star, and unstoppable brooding machine, Robert Pattinson attended the premiere of Sex Drive in Los Angeles Wednesday night, taunting mere mortals with his wild hair and wilder eyes.

Pattinson has become such a phenomenon for the yet-to-be-released flick that he's already the second-most searched star on industry and fan community IMDB (Internet Movie Database), coming in just behind Depp.

The film, based on a popular series of novels, is in such high demand that 15-minute sneak previews are selling out in seconds.

Not to mention Entertainment Weekly's decision to slap Pattinson's puss on the cover of their Holiday Movie Guide.

And the next step in Pattinson's world domination? The gay role for serious thesp cred. Well played, Rob. Well played.



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  • That Gurl
    That Gurl

    I really don't see the big fuss about Rob Pattinson...He's not all that cute first of all. What is the deal with the hair? Doesn't he knows how to groom himself before he comes in public? But that don't matter with all the lustfully crazed females all around the world. Because he played a sexy vampire (Edward Cullen) in Twilight does not make him at all sexy...What about him is so sexy and hot? I just don't get it...He's the typical wanna be shy but very snobby doggishly kinda hollywood dog that because all these women r throwing themselves at him that makes him so hot? OH MY GOD!!!!h Want a real beauty from that movie, check out KELLAN LUTZ and he has a very nice body mmm mmmm mmmmm

  • rpattzluvr

    how are you guys finding out this stuff about annelyse and rob? i'm curious... whoa they were kissing? I guess that would...pretty much....mean that they're dating...grrr...

  • Jenina

    Annelyse is going to Rome with Rob

  • dev

    After the great EW review of his new song int he Twilight soundtrack I hope he gets to play Jeff Buckley in a bio film.

  • jody

    Torez is right. Rob is dating a girl now, Brazilian, LA based model, Anne Schoenberger. He is really private about his love life but someone managed to snap this picture of them at the KoL concert: 062dy1.jpg There is also photos of she and Rob on her private myspace page: ion=user.viewprofile&friendid=188782088 Im a little sad hes taken, I wish I could date Rob! lol But Im happy if hes happy, she looks like a cool girl and I hear shes in a band =)" What are the photos like on Myspace?

  • jody

    Lucky people who are seeing him in Austin tonight. I hope people ask him sensible questions and nto the rubbish they asked at Comic Con.

  • demonbarber

    I just read some fan reviews of How To Be on IMDB. It was great to see such positive feedback on his performance.

  • emi

    Glad to see fans supporting Rob's new films. I'm green with envy that you can see How to be TWICE!

  • lucifina

    Jess come back and tell us more about the screening. Was it full? what did anyone else there think of it.

  • becca

    Lovely to hear that Jess. I didnt know the film was playing more than once. Tell us more if you can. I likr celebuzz as everything is well layed out. IMDB drives me up the wall.

  • Jess

    I just saw "How To Be" tonight at the Austin Film Fest, the movie was AWESOME, and Rob's acting was AMAZING. I cannot fault anything about the film, it exceeded my expectations! Rob is so much more than a pretty face. I can't wait to watch it again this Saturday. Rob is the REAL DEAL people.

  • Paige T
    Paige T

    Watch him go! I'm like a proud Mom. would make the lust part REALLY gross...Like a proud hot fan... ;) Go ROB!!

  • lilatwi

    Is it sad that i squealed when i read that he was playing a gay guy?

  • dayu

    is he really have a date now?...that model from brazil, annelyse schoenberger. howd you know torez?..

  • luu

    aaa rob is soo hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • S_M_G

    Too HOT for words.

  • BB

    Go Rob, He is Hot as all that is Holy and seems not to L.A.'d up Yet - La La Land will sink in sooner or later though...

  • becca

    I love how he hasnt cleaned his shoes. He's so adorable.

  • andreab

    Sounds like youve suffered that indignity buzzgent. Rob's too clever for that.

  • buzzgent

    The only thing he's gonna take over is a case of syphilis if he hangs out in Hollywood too long.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Yes, I'm sure he would very much like to "knock on Johnny Depp's door."

  • pinkstarlett84

    He's going to take over Hollywood! The buzz is well deserved.

  • torez

    Rob was at the Kings of Leon concert the same night as the premiere. Must have skipped off straight awy. There's a photo of him there with hix new supermodel girlfriend Annelyse Schoenberger. How did you miss that Celebuzz.

  • catlover

    I'd love to see Rob work with Depp. He's be great in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Although I'd rather him continue doing high art films like Little Ashes really. Still if Pirates is good enough for Depp its good enough for Rob.

  • andreab

    I was expecting more photos. The fansites have at least 70 incredible looking ones.

  • wibble

    He looked incredibly handsome at the premiere. I love how he doesnt care and doesnt dress up at all. He's just so normal in a very abnormal industry. Besides Little Ashes there's another new film called How To Be which has started doing the festivals. Rob's at the Austin film festival with the director in a few days for a screening and Q&A. He was just awarded Best Actor at the Strasbourg film festival for the role of Art in How To Be. Thats so different toTwilight.Go find the traielr and you'll see what I mean.

  • dalglish

    I've just joined to say I saw Little Ashes in London at Raindance and it was a huge pleasure and thrill to do so. Its a beautiful film. Stunningly photographed with amazing music. I couldnt fault it. I wanted to go straight back in and see it again The all important script was beautifully crafted and the costumes were outstanding and considering the budget a huge achievement. The 5 main leads were simply brilliant, and while Javier Betran has the larger role as Lorca and is wonderful I only had eyes for Rob. Its such a difficult and complex role but he handles it brilliantly. Rob has a warmth to him that makes you relate to even the most unsympathetic of characters. I know this is a gossip site not a film site so I wont do a proper review but I just need to shout out that this guy is going to be a great actor. He's building up his CV and taking on a variety of roles and it will pay off. He's a brave and versatile actor and only 22. I've admired him ever since I saw him in the Haunted Airman and its enjoyable following his career. Yes he's a beautiful man but he's an actor with tremendous screen presence and as long as he knuckles down will have an outstanding career.

  • wendyn

    He's amazing. The thing is a lot of entertainment sites dont realise yet what a wonderful actor he is. The dont see beyond his looks and Harry Potter and Twilight but he's a wonderful actor. A friend of mine was lucky enough to see the festival world premiere of Rob's next film Little Ashes (he plays Salvador Dali) and she was bowled over by him. The whole film infact and all the actors are amazing but she was so surprised at how brilliant Rob was. it such a hard role to play and he performs it perfectly. He is going to have an amazing career. Ther eisnt a weak area. He's as good at comedy as he is drama.

  • bawwow

    omggggggggggggggggggg he's so frikkin hot

  • dancodesigns

    tw*t Rolecall! Dazzle Me!